• BTT Marine Construction Company, LLC

  • 338 Border Street

    East Boston MA 02128

    Phone: 617-567-9100 ext 123

    Fax: 617-561-1050

  • Seawalls / Breakwaters

    Waterfront protection and maintenance are at the utmost importance. Our seawalls and breakwaters provide protection to your property from wave and storm damage.

  • Docks and Piers

    We specialize in Timber pier and floating dock construction. Our docks are custom built to fit our client's needs and location. We construct custom quality docks with heavy duty framing, support, and hardware.

  • Commercial and Residential

    We provide a wide range of specialty services such as numerous commercial projects, shoreline srabilization, travel lifts, docks, piers, and floats.

  • Steel Fabrication

    We have certified fabricators on site to accomodate all your steel fabrication needs from conceptual design to delivery of the finished project.

BTT Marine Construction LLC. is a wholey owned subsidiary of Staten Island, NY based Reinauer Transportation Companies which encompasses a variety of joint ventures and strategic alliances, including REICON Group, Boston Towing & Transportation Co., and Senesco Marine Shipyard. Reinauer Transportation and Boston Towing & Transportation Companies have been in the marine and fuel transportation business for over 80 years, providing its customers with reliable professional service. This alliance not only affords BTT Marine Construction LLC. a wealth of resources but also the ability to secure the bonding needed to take on any project. This makes us an extremly versitile company with the ability to serve both its private and commercial customers regardless the size or complexity of the project. Please feel free to contact us for all your waterfront needs. We look forward to working with you in the near future.



Our Strategic Affiliates

Boston Towing & Transportation, Co. Marine Services Div.

400 Border Street

East Boston, MA, 02128


(617) 567-9100 Ext 136

Reinauer Transportation Co.

1983 Richmond Terrace

Staten Island, NY. 10302


PH: (718) 816-8167

Senesco Marine LCC.

10 MacNaught Street

North Kingstown, RI, 02852


PH: (401) 295-0373