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BTT Marine Construction, LLC, is a well equipped marine construction company that owns and
maintains its fleet of heavy equipment.

About us BTT Marine Construction, LLC.

BTT Marine Construction, LLC. is a Boston based full service residential and commercial marine contractor, providing an array of waterfront solutions to its customers for over 15 years. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of the best in New England. We are experts in Timber, Concrete and Steel construction. At our East Boston facility, located at 338 Border street we have the ability to receive and store job materials in a secure and controlled environment. This affords us the luxury of maintaining on site inventory control, and effic ient distribution of materials. We perform steel fabrication and concrete form work on site.

Whether your project includes a small residential dock, large commercial construction, or any type of piling system. BTT Marine Construction combines industry leading equipment, the highest quality materials, and unrivaled experience to satisfy your needs quickly and cost effectively. We will manage all stages of your project and have the experience and expertise to take it from start to finish.

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BTT Marine Construction Company, LLC
338 Border Street
East Boston MA 02128

617-567-9100 ext 123

Fax: 617-561-1050

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